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About Me

Hi! I’m Isabella. I am the creator and editor at Outloud Magazine. Outloud is an alternative entertainment magazine: our food column is vegetarian, our sex columnist is queer, and our music writer is staunchly feminist. Outloud was created when I got sick of reading articles from the same lame online magazines that prefer to tell you how to dress for your partner than how to dress to make yourself feel amazing.

I also write for Writers’ Watch, a brand new website for all things writing. I write a column, alongside author Bryan Fagan, and we share helpful tips for writers, weekly writing prompts, and share lists of writing competitions you can enter to win recognition, feedback, and sometimes even cash.

I was shortlist for my first writing competition, the Mardibook/Ideastap competition for YA shorts, when I was 17. I’ve been writing ever since, and although I spent the majority of the last ten years working on novels, I’ve recently started branching out into short stories and flash fiction again. You can read some of my published pieces below!

20 Lessons from my 20s was a series I originally created on Outloud Magazine, but as Outloud takes its own path I have decided that wasn’t the best fit for my general musings on life and growing up. I moved the column here, so you can read the first 19 lessons here.

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