Lesson 1: How to Do The Thing

This was the first ever article published on Outloud Magazine when it launched almost a year ago, now. I had wanted to start a magazine since my first ever blog (and if you’ve known me a while, you’ll know there have been a few over the last ten years!).

I have known for a long time that I have a tendency to rush things, so I sat on the idea for several months before I dared to write anything down. It stewed patiently in the back of my mind, developing and growing every time a new idea appeared. It was like the ideas were coming to me, and not the other way around.

Outloud Magazine – Getting Started

Around September 2022 I started mentioning it to friends, but without a brand or even a name, it was nothing more than an abstract concept.

In October I opened the notes app on my phone and started to make a short list that eventually grew into the Notion teamspace we’re now working with.

November brought dark moments for me, but it also brought my birthday. I travelled to Birmingham by train from my parents’ home in Sheffield to have dinner with Zsófi, one of my closest friends. Before the dinner, we’d set ourselves a mission: to name the magazine. We were (unsurprisingly) unsuccessful, but something more interesting happened.

“You know, I’ve always wanted to write a food column.”

It instantly made sense. In the short time I’ve known Zsófi, I’ve probably tried a wider range of cuisine than I had in my whole life beforehand. And there I had it: my first columnist!

Things moved quickly from there, and by the end of the year we were a team of five. These people really have been instrumental in the development of this project in many ways far beyond writing articles. (Mostly notably in candid feedback and emotional support). I thought it was only fitting to give them each the introduction they deserve.

Zsófi’s Kitchen (by Zsófi Elek):

Zsófi has already had a modest introduction, but there’s so much more to say! Zsófi was born and raised in Hungary but has also lived in Brazil, Scotland and Portugal, and now lives in England. I’m sure her love for moving around has inspired her passion for trying an endless list of cuisines and dishes, and I hope she never stops!

She also has an infallible passion for bubble tea, which I’m sure you will hear plenty about as her column develops. Zsofi is incredibly smart and very funny, and I really think her unique take on the culinary arts is going to be a hit here at Outloud.

Read Zsófi’s International Food Column on Outloud Magazine here!

Bea the Bud (by Beatriz):

Beatriz is a linguist currently studying for her master’s degree in Stockholm, and our resident sex and relationship columnist. She discusses the trials and tribulations of being overtly bisexual in your twenties and sharing her musings on stigma and shame in sex. More recently, she’s also been covering more serious topics like feminism and sex work.

Amongst these insightful takes, she’ll also be sharing her most bizarre dating stories; buckle in for this, because it’s quite the ride… Think less Carrie Bradshaw, and more Georgia from Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging.

Read Bea’s Love and Sex Column on Outloud Magazine here!

Lauz Explores (by Laura Nurse):

Laura is a budding British influencer, with one of the most aesthetically pleasing Instagram pages I have ever seen. (Seriously, I would put a link in here but then you’d never make it back to the magazine. Just kidding). There she posts mostly about hiking, climbing and the van conversion she is working on with her partner.

She lives in the Peak District, UK (which is where the incredible Instagram aesthetic comes from) and often shares local hikes and viewpoints. Occasionally she’ll post about her international adventures, which will be the primary focus of her column on Outloud.

Read Laura’s Travel Column on Outloud Magazine here!

Another Honourable Mention:

Hannah and I had known each other for less than a year when we launched Outloud. I met her in a hostel in Brighton and we instantly spent basically every day together throughout the summer of 2022. We mostly bonded over the latest series of Love Island and the sheer lack of romantic prospects in the local vicinity.

Hannah was always at the other end of the phone throughout the months I spent working on Outloud. She brainstormed name ideas, article titles, reminded me that “this is supposed to be fun” when I was stressing out too much. We originally planned to write an advice column together, but our schedules are just too damned busy. So, for now, Hannah is executive advice-giver and occasional writer here at Outloud.

Looking Back

Of course, the main purpose of this article, originally, was to introduce the magazine and our original writers. We’ve had quite a few people join the team since then, but these remain our regular writers over there.

I guess that, looking back, the lesson is less “how to do the thing” and more “just do the thing”. Although I knew I was unprepared before starting the magazine, I learned so much just through the process of doing. I’m not pretending to know everything now: we still have a long way to go, and I still have a lot to learn. But if I’d never started, I never would have learned.

Nothing bad can happen from trying. So… how do you do the thing? Just do it.

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